Preparing an A+ Résumé

A Summary of Chapter 3, Job Search: The Total System
Identifying Your Accomplishments

To sell yourself you must identify what you have to offer over the competition. Your greatest advantage is that no one else has your specific experience. How can you best present yourself? Your task is to prepare an inventory of your accomplishments. What are you good at? What makes you think so? What concrete evidence can you present to support your claim? It is not how hard you worked that counts, but what you achieved. A well formulated accomplishment has two parts:

  1. ACTION – What did you do?
  2. RESULT – What benefit came out of the action for your employer?

In general, an accomplishment means you ACHIEVED:

  • More without utilizing increased resources.
  • The same but reduced resource utilization.
  • Improved operations or relations – “made things easier.”
  • Something for the first time under those conditions.
  • Resolution of problems or conflicts with little or no negative effects.

State the accomplishment in terms of the values of interest to an employer in as tangible a manner as possible. Some of the values most frequently encountered are:

  • Increased profit; reduced costs; increased sales or market share.
  • Increased productivity; improved product; increased quality, or product reliability;
  • Improved employee performance. Improved relations with customers, consumer groups, government.
  • Improved employer/employee relations.
  • Improved team work and resolved conflict.
  • Improved communications and information flow.
  • Reduced operating down time; streamlined operations.
  • Developed new technology or administrative procedures.
  • Foresaw a need or problem and initiated effective remedial action.
  • Planned or directed in an innovative way.
  • Implemented an important program or action with significant benefits.
  • Increased return on investment.

Clarity and conciseness are essential to communicate the accomplishment so that the prospective employer can quickly grasp your value to him. Adapt the accomplishment statement to the position, industry or function which you desire.

Your Results should be quantified whenever possible; however, when an accomplishment statement can not be quantified, you should identify a qualified result.

Use this Résumé Template to construct your A+ Résumé.

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