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Audio Inspiration for Your Job Search

Job Search: The Total System Audio Gems is 40+ minutes of dazzling highlights from the full 7 1/2 hour audio program that complements the book, Job Search: The Total System. Motivational as well as informative, it capsulizes many valuable “gems” for your listening pleasure and transition success. In addition to reinforcing important job search techniques, the audio gems present motivational stories and lessons from a wide range of historical figures that will encourage and challenge you to succeed beyond your expectations. Listen to them online or download them to play as you go about your day, and be inspired! (Click “Read the rest of this entry” to get the audio files.)
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Job Search and PTSD

What does job search have to do with PTSD? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been found to affect many Vets after they return from duty in combat situations. Stress from life traumas, changes and losses affect us all so it is not difficult to appreciate the challenge of dealing with the memories of one’s experiences under combat conditions. In many cases PTSD is intensified as the result of physical disabilities and health factors. In the same way, PTSD can be exacerbated by the lack of meaningful work. When you transition from the military, you have lost your job! Job Search: The Total System provides a positive, proactive approach to finding the right job for your career and life goals.
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Sample Résumés

These proven TCS University resources can help you create an A+ Résumé that gets interviews:

  • Job Search: The Total System™ Chapter 3 presents detailed steps for drafting a résumé that will get results for you.
  • The A+ Résumé Tool Kit is an 8 page summary of Chapter 3, plus a Résumé Template. The kit contains detailed examples of both quantitative and qualitative accomplishment statements, and lists of accomplishment action verbs organized by skill categories and competencies.
  • Fourteen sample résumés for veterans are available below. Sample Résumés available in the TCS Store cover a much broader range of industries, functions and job levels — from college grad to executive.
  • Résumé Preparation Coaching can provide support to help you ensure the effective communication of your accomplishments, skills, competencies and work history.

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Preparing an A+ Résumé

A Summary of Chapter 3, Job Search: The Total System
Identifying Your Accomplishments

To sell yourself you must identify what you have to offer over the competition. Your greatest advantage is that no one else has your specific experience. How can you best present yourself? Your task is to prepare an inventory of your accomplishments. What are you good at? What makes you think so? What concrete evidence can you present to support your claim? It is not how hard you worked that counts, but what you achieved. A well formulated accomplishment has two parts:
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